Our Rights, Our Choice

Thanks for joining me..!! Just started blogging. !! This blog does not target anyone, they are my views.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world. – Hillary Clinton.

Everyday we hear millions of stories of women being raped, drugged and so much more. What fascinates is that even the influential people are sitting and watching like nothing just happened. We talk about things like save the girl child but sadly none of us are able to protect them in need.

Temple is a sacred place. Yes. But what if a small child is raped there for 8 days continuously??  Incredible India indeed. A policeman whose responsibility is to protect the nation is one of the rapists?? Amazing. A politician rapes a woman, instead of supporting her our dear leaders support him they kill his father.

After Nirbhaya, Asifa.. who?? It could be us too.. Today Asifa’s parents are depressed, they have lost all hopes. What saddens me is that I can do nothing about it. In India, men want to protect their daughters and sisters from harassment while they themselves harass other women. What is happening? We all are a bunch of cowards who can’t raise their voice. Even if we do, it is not enough to reach the ears of our sweet politicians.





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